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Francke, Till; Förster, S.; Brosinsky, Arlena; Sommerer, Erik ...
Version history: This datased is an updated version of Francke et al. (2017; for a revised version of this di...
Louis, Laurent; Day-Stirrat, Ruarri; Hofmann, Ronny; Saxena, Nishank ...
We present a new method for estimating the contribution of a pure clay fraction (i.e. devoid of organic matter) to the total effective rock stiffness...
Eggert, Daniel; Sips, M.; Dransch, D.
gms-vis is a web-based implementation of our visual-analytics approach for assessing remote-sensing data. It is implemented based on the GWT framewor...
Cesca, Simone; Sobiesiak, Monika; Tassara, Arturo; Olcay, Manuel ...
The Iquique Local Network (ILN), a temporal network of broadband and short period seismic stations has been operating in Northern Chile since 2009. T...

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