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Irrgang, Christopher; Saynisch, J.; Thomas, M.
Satellite observations of the magnetic field induced by the general ocean circulation could provide new constraints on global oceanic water and heat ...
Brune, Sascha; Williams, S.; Müller, D.
The deep carbon cycle connects CO2 within the atmosphere and oceans to the vast CO2 reservoir in Earth’s mantle: subducted lithosphere carries CO2 in...
Naliboff, John ; Brune, Sascha
The open-source mantle convection code ASPECT (Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics) provides a robust foundation for numerically examining a...
Leus, Karen; Perez, J.P.H.; Folens, Karel; Meledina, Maria ...
The dithiol functionalized UiO-66-(SH)2 is developed as an efficient adsorbent for the removal of mercury in aqueous media. Important parameters for ...

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