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Kumar, P.; Kind, Rainer; Hanka, Winfried; Wylegalla, K. ...
A detailed knowledge of the thickness of the lithosphere in the north Atlantic is an important parameter for understanding plate tectonics in that re...
Julia, J.; Mancilla, F.; Morales, J.
Receiver functions at three broad-band stations located in the most easterly Inner Betics have been analyzed to investigate the structure of its unde...
Hammond, J. O. S.; Kendall, J.-M.; Rümpker, G.; Wookey, J. ...
The Seychelles plateau is a prime example of a microcontinent, yet mechanisms for its creation and evolution are poorly understood. Recently acquired...
Fishwick, S.; Kennett, B. L. N.; Reading, A. M.
Contrasts in the seismic structure of the lithosphere within and between elements of the Australian Craton are imaged using surface wave tomography. ...

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