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Bloch, Wasja; Kummerow, Jörn; Wigger, P.
We present a dataset of seismicity from a temporary local network that was installed in the Iquique segment of the northern Chilean subduction zone. ...
Bloch, Wasja; Kummerow, J.; Wigger, P.; Shapiro, S. A. ...
The focus of this study is the high- resolution localization of more than 800 earthquakes in the Northern Chilean Salar Grande region at about 21S wi...
Liu, S.; Currie, C. A.
The Laramide orogeny (80-50 Ma) resulted in thick-skinned deformation of the western United States, more than 700 km inboard of the plate boundary wh...
Wiseman, Kelly; Banerjee, Paramesh; Bürgmann, Roland; Sieh, Kerry ...
We investigate the source of the Mw 7.6 Padang earthquake by inverting three-component global positioning system (GPS) data and broad-band regional s...

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