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Ni, S. D.; Helmberger, D. V.; Tromp, J.
Previous 2-D modelling of seismic waveforms and traveltimes has revealed a large-scale ridge-like velocity anomaly beneath Africa, which is usually r...
Mohsen, Ayman; Hofstetter, R.; Bock, G.; Kind, Rainer ...
We report on a receiver function study of the crust and upper mantle within DESERT, a multidisciplinary geophysical project to study the lithosphere ...
Martin, M.; Ritter, J. R. R.; CALIXTO Working Group,
The CALIXTO (Carpathian Arc Lithosphere X-Tomography) experiment offers a dense, high-quality data set to study the lithospheric/asthenospheric syste...
Levin, V.; Shapiro, N. M.; Park, Jeffrey; Ritzwoller, M. H.
Tomographic images of the distribution of shear-wave speed beneath the northwestern Pacific delineate the configuration of the subducted oceanic lith...

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