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Heinecke, Liv; Mischke, Steffen; Adler, Karsten; Barth, Anja ...
We present results of analyses on a sediment core from Lake Karakul, located in the eastern Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan. The core spans the last ~29 ...
Mitzscherling, J.; Winkel, Matthias; Winterfeld, Maria; Horn, Fabian ...
Submarine permafrost is more vulnerable to thawing than permafrost on land. Besides increased heat transfer from the ocean water, ...
Zang, Arno; Stephansson, Ove; Zimmermann, G.
In this article, the concept of Fatigue Hydraulic Fracturing (FHF) is described, and its geothermal application is discussed. The basic idea behind f...
Yoon, J.-S.; Zang, Arno; Stephansson, Ove; Hofmann, Hannes ...
In this study, we used the Particle Flow Code 2D (PFC2D) to simulate interaction of hydraulic fractures and natural fractures in low permeable hard r...

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