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  panMetaDocs and Datasync : providing a convenient way to share and publish research data

Klump, J., Ulbricht, D. (2013): panMetaDocs and Datasync: providing a convenient way to share and publish research data, AGU 2013 Fall Meeting (San Francisco, USA 2013).

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Klump, Jens1, Author              
Ulbricht, Damian1, Author              
1CeGIT Centre for GeoInformation Technology, Geoengineering Centres, GFZ Publication Database, Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum, escidoc:44023              


Free keywords: IN41B-1605
 DDC: 550 - Earth sciences
 Abstract: In recent years research institutions, geological surveys and funding organizations started to build infrastructures to facilitate the re-use of research data from previous work. At present, several intermeshed activities are coordinated to make data systems of the earth sciences interoperable and recorded data discoverable. Driven by governmental authorities, ISO19115/19139 emerged as metadata standards for discovery of data and services. Established metadata transport protocols like OAI-PMH and OGC-CSW are used to disseminate metadata to data portals. With the persistent identifiers like DOI and IGSN research data and corresponding physical samples can be given unambiguous names and thus become citable. In summary, these activities focus primarily on “ready to give away”-data, already stored in an institutional repository and described with appropriate metadata. Many datasets are not “born” in this state but are produced in small and federated research projects. To make access and reuse of these “small data” easier, these data should be centrally stored and version controlled from the very beginning of activities. We developed DataSync [1] as supplemental application to the panMetaDocs [2] data exchange platform as a data management tool for small science projects. DataSync is a JAVA-application that runs on a local computer and synchronizes directory trees into an eSciDoc-repository [3] by creating eSciDoc-objects via eSciDocs' REST API. DataSync can be installed on multiple computers and is in this way able to synchronize files of a research team over the internet. XML Metadata can be added as separate files that are managed together with data files as versioned eSciDoc-objects. A project-customized instance of panMetaDocs is provided to show a web-based overview of the previously uploaded file collection and to allow further annotation with metadata inside the eSciDoc-repository. PanMetaDocs is a PHP based web application to assist the creation of metadata in any XML-based metadata schema. To reduce manual entries of metadata to a minimum and make use of contextual information in a project setting, metadata fields can be populated with static or dynamic content. Access rights can be defined to control visibility and access to stored objects. Notifications about recently updated datasets are available by RSS and e-mail and the entire inventory can be harvested via OAI-PMH. panMetaDocs is optimized to be harvested by panFMP [4]. panMetaDocs is able to mint dataset DOIs though DataCite and uses eSciDocs' REST API to transfer eSciDoc-objects from a non-public “pending“-status to the published status “released“, which makes data and metadata of the published object available worldwide through the internet. The application scenario presented here shows the adoption of open source applications to data sharing and publication of data. An eSciDoc-repository is used as storage for data and metadata. DataSync serves as a file ingester and distributor, whereas panMetaDocs' main function is to annotate the dataset files with metadata to make them ready for publication and sharing with your own team, or with the scientific community.


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Title: AGU 2013 Fall Meeting (San Francisco, USA 2013)
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Title: AGU 2013 Fall Meeting (San Francisco, USA 2013)
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