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Climatic signal from Pinus leucodermis axial resin ducts: a tree-ring time series approach

Saracino, A., Rita, A., Rossi, S., Andreu-Hayles, L., Helle, G., Todaro, L. (2017): Climatic signal from Pinus leucodermis axial resin ducts: a tree-ring time series approach. - European Journal of Forest Research, 136, 1, pp. 27—36.
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Saracino ,  Antonio

Rita ,  Angelo

Rossi ,  Sergio

Andreu-Hayles ,  Laia

Helle ,  G.
5.2 Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution, 5.0 Geoarchives, Departments, GFZ Publication Database, Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum;

Todaro ,  Luigi

Developing long-term chronologies of tree-ring anatomical features to evaluate climatic relationships within species might serve as an annual proxy to explore and elucidate the climatic drivers affecting xylem differentiation. Pinus leucodermis response to climate was examined by analyzing vertical xylem resin ducts in wood growing at high elevation in the Apennines of peninsular Southern Italy. Early- and latewood tree-ring resin duct chronologies, spanning the 1804–2010 time period, were constructed. We analyzed the relationships between resin duct chronologies and climate over the last century using correlation and response function analyses. Overall, results showed that ring width and resin duct relationships differed between early- and latewood, which indicated conditions affecting growth were not associated with resin duct production. Results also revealed differential responses to climate between early- and latewood resin duct chronologies. A notable observation was a positive and stable relationship between latewood resin duct number chronology and July maximum temperature throughout the twentieth century. This result suggested resin ducts might be a suitable proxy to evaluate P. leucodermis response to climate in the study area.