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Most Recently Released Items

Rae, Jonathan; Forsyth, Colin; Dunlop, Malcolm; Palmroth, Minna ...
The fundamental processes responsible for energy exchange between large-scale electromagnetic fields and plasma are well understood theoretically, bu...
Chevrollier, Lou-Anne; Cook, Joseph M.; Halbach, Laura; Jakobsen, Hans ...
Pigmented microalgae inhabiting snow and ice environments lower the albedo of glacier and ice-sheet surfaces, significantly enhancing surface melt. O...
Schuster, Valerian; Rybacki, Erik; Bonnelye, A.; Kwiatek, G. ...
The Opalinus Clay (OPA) formation is considered a suitable host rock candidate for nuclear waste storage. However, the sealing integrity and long-ter...
Roussos, Elias; Allanson, Oliver; André, Nicolas; Bertucci, Bruna ...
Jupiter has the most complex and energetic radiation belts in our Solar System and one of the most challenging space environments to measure and char...