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Ince, Elmas Sinem; Abrykosov, Oleh; Förste, C.; Flechtner, Frank
During the last few years, the determination of high-resolution global gravity field has gained momentum due to high-accuracy satellite-derived obser...
Ji, Chunyang; Cabas, Ashly; Cotton, Fabrice; Pilz, M. ...
One of the most commonly used parameters to describe seismic attenuation is the high-frequency spectral decay parameter Kappa (κr), yet the physics b...
Lühr, H.; Zhou, Yunliang
Thanks to mapping missions, like Ørsted, CHAMP and Swarm, we have gained a detailed understanding of the geomagnetic field. High‐resolution models li...
Stawski, Tomasz; Van Driessche, Alexander E. S.; Besselink, Rogier; Byrne, Emily H. ...
Understanding the gypsum (CaSO4·2H2O) formation pathway from aqueous solution has been the subject of intensive research in the past years. This inte...