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Koushik, N.; Kumar, Karanam Kishore; Siddiqui, T.
The tropical Mesosphere‐Lower Thermosphere‐Ionosphere system is found to show significant variabilities during Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) eve...
Edwards, Thom R.; Weimer, D. R.; Olsen, Nils; Lühr, H. ...
A new empirical model of field‐aligned currents in the Earth's ionosphere has been developed. This model is derived using magnetometer data from the ...
Tatzel, Michael; Stuff, Maria; Franz, Gerhard; Hippler, Dorothee ...
Ocean oxygenation during the Precambrian-Cambrian transition is thought to be one of the key factors for the rapid diversification of animals, known ...
von Specht, S.; Ma, Kuo-Fong; Lin, Yen-Yu; Cotton, Fabrice