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Bufe, A.; Hovius, Niels; Emberson, Robert; Rugenstein, Jeremy K. C. ...
Global climate is thought to be modulated by the supply of minerals to Earth’s surface. Whereas silicate weathering removes carbon dioxide (CO2) from...
Stefanova Vassileva, M.; Al-Halbouni, Djamil; Motagh, M.; Walter, Thomas ...
Ground subsidence caused by natural or anthropogenic processes affects major urban areas worldwide. Sinkhole formation and infrastructure fractures h...
Kallmeyer, J.; Bauer, K.; Glombitza, Clemens; Ordoñez, L. ...
Jarrahi, M.; Blöcher, G.; Kluge, Christian; Holländer, H. M.
Fracture initiation and propagation from a wellbore within a rock formation exhibit nonlinear and inelastic behaviors. When the rock material undergo...