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Reigber, C.; Bock, R.; Förste, Christoph; Grunwaldt, Ludwig ...
The small satellite mission CHAMP was initiated and is primarily funded by the German Space Agency (DARA) as a lead project for the East German spac...
Dahm, T.; Stiller, Manfred; Mechie, James; Heimann, Sebastian ...
Brooke, Sam A.S.; D'Arcy, Mitch; Mason, Philippa J.; Whittaker, Alexander C.
The advent of cloud-based GIS tools has enabled the rapid exploration and processing of geospatial datasets. The Google Earth Engine (GEE) platform p...
Koellner, Nicole; Altenberger, Uwee; Schodlock, Martin; Mielke, Christian ...
Abschlußbereicht zur BMBF Fördermaßnahme im Projekt REEMAP