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Yadagiri, Rameshwar; Rani, Hari Ponnamma; Nayak, Krishnendu; Jozef, Brestensky
The influence of anisotropic diffusive coefficients on the stability of the horizontal fluid planar layer, rotating about vertical axis, and permeate...
Natale Castillo, Maria Aurora; Tesauro, Magdala
The characterization of underground structures is crucial for explorative studies in geothermal systems. As recently demonstrated, analysis of the pr...
Wu, Qian; Wang, Wenbin; Lin, Dong; Qian, Liying ...
The recent July 7-8 2022, Nov 3-4, 2021 events present a good opportunity to examine many aspects of the geomagnetic storm event with new model and a...
Pan, Yongxin; Liu, Jianjun; Chen, Ling; Du, Aimin ...
China’s first interplanetary mission to Mars, Tianwen-1, consists of an obiter, a lander and a rover (Zhurong). It was lunched on 23 July 2020, enter...