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Rossello, Eduardo Antonio; Heit, B.; Bianchi, Marcelo
In the light of the November 30th, 2018 (N30) earthquake activity, some neighborhoods of the city of Buenos Aires were shaken by a 3.8 mb earthquake ...
Andriampenomanana, Fenitra; Nyblade, Andrew A.; Wysession, Michael E.; Durrheim, Raymond J. ...
The lithosphere of Madagascar records a long series of tectonic processes. Structures initially inherited from the Pan-African Orogeny are overprinte...
Mauerberger, Alexandra; Sadeghisorkhani, Hamzeh; Maupin, Valérie; Gudmundsson, Ólafur ...
We present a new 3D shear-wave velocity model and Moho map of Scandinavia, which is based on the inversion of the merged phase dispersion curves from...
Maupin, Valérie; Mauerberger, Alexandra; Tilmann, Frederik
Radial anisotropy (RA) in the upper mantle of the Fennoscandian Shield is analyzed by joint inversion of Love and Rayleigh wave phase velocities meas...