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Brown, Maxwell C.; Hervé, Gwenaël; Korte, M.; Genevey, Agnès
Archaeomagnetic data are fundamental for our understanding of the evolution of Earth's magnetic field on centennial to millennial timescales. From th...
Zhou, Shanyu; Kuester, Theres; Bochow, M.; Bohn, Niklas ...
Although the Csingle bondH chains of petroleum derivatives display unique absorption features in the short-wave infrared (SWIR), it is a challenge to...
Martirosyan, Naira S.; Efthimiopoulos, Ilias; Pennacchioni, Lea; Wirth, R. ...
The high-pressure CaCO3 phase diagram has been the most extensively studied within the carbonates group. However, both the diverse mineralogy of ...
Grosch, Eugene G.; Bishop, Janice L.; Mielke, Christian; Maturilli, Alessandro ...
Characterization of terrestrial analog sites is critical for detection and determination of clay miner-alogy in remote sensing studies of Mars aimed ...