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Soto, Hugo; Oncken, O.; Tilmann, Frederik
Recent development in seismological instrumentation has made possible the deployment of temporary and permanent seismic networks with large numbers o...
Vitali, V.; Martínez-Sancho, E.; Treydte, K.; Andreu-Hayles, L. ...
This is the first Europe-wide comprehensive assessment of the climatological and physiological information recorded by hydrogen isotope ratios in tre...
Wilgan, Karina; Dick, G.; Zus, Florian; Wickert, J.
The assimilation of global navigation satellite system (GNSS) data has been proven to have a positive impact on weather forecasts. However, the impac...
Abdulkarim, Mubarak; Grema, Haruna M.; Adamu, Ibrahim H.; Mueller, Daniela ...
Laser diffraction spectrometry allows for efficiently obtaining high-resolution grain size data. However, pretreatment and dispersion of aggregates i...