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von Blanckenburg, F.; Dümcke, Wolfgang
In einer Lagerhalle wird ein unglaublicher Mordfall entdeckt. Viele Steine sind ermordet worden! Detektiv Hercule Poirot nimmt die Ermittlungen auf. ...
von Blanckenburg, F.; Schulz, Andreas
During weathering of the deep rocks, many actors act together. This is a property characteristic of the entire “Earth system”. For example, fractures...
von Blanckenburg, F.; Schulz, Andreas
Living organisms can also weather rocks. There are microorganisms in deep rock – in the "deep biosphere". With flowing water, the microbes are transp...
von Blanckenburg, F.; Schulz, Andreas
To weather rock, reagents are required. For example, CO2 is found in rainwater as carbonic acid or CO2 is produced by plant roots and by microbes. Th...