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Lindner, Fabian; Laske, Gabi; Walter, Fabian; Doran, Adrian K.
Crevasses and englacial fracture networks route meltwater from a glacier's surface to the subglacial drainage system and thus influence glacial hydra...
Mörbe, Wiebke; Yogeshwar, Pritam; Tezkan, Bülent; Hanstein, Tilman
In the framework of the Deep Electromagnetic Soundings for Mineral Exploration project, we conducted ground‐based long‐offset transient‐electromagnet...
Lindner, Fabian; Walter, Fabian; Laske, Gabi; Gimbert, Florent
Hydraulic processes impact viscous and brittle ice deformation. Water-driven fracturing as well as turbulent water flow within and beneath glaciers r...
Kyba, C.; Ruby, Andreas; Kuechly, Helga; Kinzey, B ...
Nighttime light emissions are increasing in most countries worldwide, but which types of lighting are responsible for the increase remains unknown. A...