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Lühr, H.; Kervalishvili, G.
Field‐aligned currents play a major role in magnetized plasmas. They are the main agents for coupling the dynamics between magnetosphere and ionosphe...
Henninges, J.; Martuganova, Evgeniia; Stiller, Manfred; Norden, Ben ...
Strollo, Angelo; Cambaz, Didem; Clinton, John; Danecek, Peter ...
The European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA) is the infrastructure that provides access to the seismic‐waveform archives collected by European agencie...
Schulz, H.-M.; Yang, Shengyu; Schovsbo, Niels H.; Rybacki, Erik ...
The organic carbon-and uranium-rich, marine Alum Shale Formation in northwestern Europe (Middle Cambrian (Miaolingian) to Early Ordovician) was depos...