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Nazarova, Larisa; Sachse, D.; Fuchs, Harald G. E.; Dirksen, Veronika ...
The Kamchatka Peninsula (Russian Far East) remains among the least studied regions of eastern Asia. Recent studies revealed a high degree of palaeoen...
Maddaloni, Francesca; Braitenberg, Carla; Kaban, M. K.; Tesauro, Magdala ...
Congo basin; Gravity residuals; Regression analysis; Gravity effect of sediments
Cuni-Sanchez, Aida; Sullivan, Martin J. P.; Platts, Philip J.; Lewis, Simon L. ...
Tropical forests store 40–50 per cent of terrestrial vegetation carbon1. However, spatial variations in aboveground live tree biomass carbon (AGC) st...
Tsai, Lung-Chih; Su, Shin-Yi; Chien, Hwa; Liu, Chao-Han ...
A low-cost transportable software-based global positioning system reflectometry (GPS-R) scheme, which can measure sea-surface wave frequency, period,...