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Shafiei Bafti, Behnam; Niedermann, Samuel; Sosnicka, Marta; Gleeson, S. A.
This paper reports microthermometric and noble gas isotope data for fluid inclusion assemblages (FIAs) with evidence of phase separation, i.e. coexis...
Wei, Qin-Di; Yang, Ming; Romer, R. L.; Wang, Hao ...
We present a new procedure for U–Pb dating of vesuvianite using laser ablation sector field inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-SF-ICP-M...
Vallentin, Claudia; Harfenmeister, Katharina; Itzerott, S.; Kleinschmit, B. ...
Information provided by satellite data is becoming increasingly important in the field of agriculture. Estimating biomass, nitrogen content or crop y...
Tang, Wei; Zhao, Xiangjun; Motagh, M.; Bi, Gang ...
The freshwater scarcity and sustainability of overexploited aquifers have been recognized as a big threat to global water security for human developm...