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Guan, Xiaojun; Gao, Jianyun; Li, Tim; Wang, Lan ...
The present study classifies regional persistent extreme precipitation events (PEPEs) in North China into two types in accordance with vari...
Ceola, Serena; Palazzoli, Irene; Montanari, Alberto
Urban and socio-economic expansion along with shifts in hydroclimatic trends (e.g. precipitation, temperature, evapotranspiration) significantly affe...
Nicolas, Joelle; Verdun, Jérôme; Baltzer, Agnès; Boy, Jean-Paul ...
The Svalbard archipelago is strongly impacted by past and present-day ice melting. This area offers the benefit that several in situ and space datase...
Lu, Biao; van der Meijde, Mark; Fadel, Islam; Carlos Afonso, Juan ...
Despite 160 years of probing the world crust, due to lack of seismic and ground gravity observations, there are still white spots in the worlds' crus...