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Wang, Qingdong; Zhang, Yingbin; Wang, Lei; Yu, Pengcheng ...
Laboratory experiments suggest that the evolution of in-plane shear rupture along an interface separating two elastic blocks typically shows a transi...
He, Yilin; Ma, Lingya; Liang, Xiaoliang; Li, Xurui ...
Typical resistant REE phosphates xenotime and monazite are important REE carriers in various types of rocks but the supergene mobility of REE in thes...
Oryan, Bar ; Olive, Jean-Arthur; Jolivet, Romain; Malatesta, Luca C. ...
Locked areas of subduction megathrusts are increasingly found to coincide with landscape features sculpted over hundreds of thousand years, yet the m...
Börner, Jana; Yogeshwar, Pritam