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Orlander, Tobias; Milsch, H.; Fabricius, Ida Lykke
Liquid permeability of sedimentary rocks is relevant in several contexts, but gas permeability is easier to measure, so liquid permeability is typica...
Kyba, C.; Aubé, Martin; Bará, Salvador; Bertolo, Andrea ...
The spatial and angular emission patterns of artificial and natural light emitted, scattered, and reflected from the Earth at night are far more comp...
Oluwadare, Temitope Seun; Jakowski, Norbert; Valladares, Cesar E.; Akala, Andrew Oke-Ovie ...
We present for the first time the climatology of medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances (MSTIDs) by using Global Positioning System (GPS) re...
Dietze, Michael; Bell, Rainer; Ozturk, Ugur; Cook, K. ...
Rapidly evolving floods are rare but powerful drivers of landscape reorganisation that have severe and long-lasting impacts on both the functions of ...