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Bufe, A.; Rugenstein, Jeremy K. C.; Hovius, Niels
Uplift and erosion modulate the carbon cycle over geologic timescales by exposing minerals to chemical weathering. However, the erosion sensitivity o...
Engels, S.; Lane, C. S.; Hoek, W. Z.; Baneschi, I. ...
Anthropogenically-driven climate warming and land use change are the main causes of an ongoing decrease in global biodiversity. It is unclear how eco...
Asadzadeh, Saeid; de Souza Filho, Carlos Roberto
Petroleum accumulations may coincide with either positive or negative temperature anomalies, which are conventionally detected using in situ temperat...
Asadzadeh, Saeid; de Souza Filho, Carlos Roberto
Porosity is a significant property of soil, yet an elusive parameter to retrieve from remote sensing data. Here, an empirical relationship between so...