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von Blanckenburg, F.; Sens-Schönfelder, C.; Kaiser, K.
Antropov, Oleg; Miettinen, Jukka; Häme, Tuomas; Yrjö, Rauste ...
ESA Forest Carbon Monitoring project (FCM) is developing Earth Observation based, user-centric approaches for forest carbon monitoring. Forest carbon...
Adolphi, F.; Herbst, K.; Nilsson, A.; Panovska, Sanja
Cosmogenic radionuclide records from polar ice cores provide unique insights into past cosmic ray flux variations. They allow reconstructions of past...
Kuras, Agnieszka; Jenul, Anna; Brell, Maximilian; Burud, Ingunn
Multisensor data fusion has become a hot topic in the remote sensing research community. This is thanks to significant technological advances and the...