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Schicks, J
Gashydrate, auch „brennendes Eis“ genannt, sind faszinierende, eisähnliche Feststoffe, die aus Wasser- und Gasmolekülen aufgebaut sind und weltweit a...
Galetto, Antonella; Georgieva, V.; García, V. H.; Zattin, M. ...
The integration of inverse thermal history modeling of new geochronological data with structural analyses from the western flank of the Domuyo volcan...
Kreibich, H.; de Ruiter, Marleen C.; Goda, Katsuichiro; Keiler, Margreth ...
We believe that the transdisciplinary studies on water-related multi-hazards are innovative and critical research by the water community, thus answer...
Soto, Hugo; Oncken, O.; Tilmann, Frederik
Recent development in seismological instrumentation has made possible the deployment of temporary and permanent seismic networks with large numbers o...