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Braun, T.; Famiani, D.; Caciagli, M.; Cesca, Simone ...
In a joint project called OMEGA, between GFZ-Potsdam and the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV), an experimental seismic monitorin...
Stefanova Vassileva, M.; Al-Halbouni, Djamil; Motagh, M.; Walter, Thomas ...
Land subsidence hazard affects many highly populated urban areas of the world as a consequence of natural and/or anthropogenic derived geomechanical ...
Brown, Maxwell C.; Hervé, Gwenaël; Korte, M.; Genevey, Agnès
Archaeomagnetic data are fundamental for our understanding of the evolution of Earth's magnetic field on centennial to millennial timescales. From th...
Kusky, Timothy; Wang, Lu; Robinson, Paul T.; Huang, Yang ...
The discovery of ultrahigh pressure (UHP) minerals in orogenic belts has revolutionized our understanding of subduction and the return flow of previo...