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Li, Shuyi
Reservoirs and dams have brought remarkable economic and social benefits to mankind in flood control, water supply, electricity production, navigatio...
Oliveira Alves, Adevilson; Sergio, Luiz Fontes; Max, Meju; Artur, Benevides ...
A magnetotelluric (MT) regional investigation is underway in Southeastern Brazil as part of a comprehensive Multiphysics project (sponsored by Petron...
Li, Wei; He, Rizheng; Yuan, Xiaohui; Schneider, Felix ...
How the Tibetan Plateau grew farther north from the India-Asia collision boundary has profound implications on the mechanics of continental deformati...
Athanasiadis, Panos; Patrizio, Casey; Gualdi, Silvio
Aspects of low-frequency variability of the atmospheric circulation in the Euro-Atlantic domain, such as the frequency of wintertime blocking and the...