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Behling, Robert; Roessner, S.; Förster, S.; Saemian, Peyman ...
Iran has experienced a drastic increase in water scarcity in the last decades. The main driver has been the substantial unsustainable water consumpti...
Wang, Wandi; Motagh, M.; Stefanova Vassileva, M.
Landslides are a major type of natural hazard that cause serious economic losses, casualties, and damages to buildings, and critical infrastructures ...
Klos, Anna; Bogusz, Janusz; Pacione, Rosa; Humphrey, Vincent ...
The EUREF Permanent GNSS Network (EPN) provides a unique atmospheric dataset over Europe in the form of Zenith Total Delay (ZTD) time series. These Z...
Savran, W. H.; Werner, M. J.; Schorlemmer, Danijel; Maechling, P. J.
For government officials and the public to act on real-time forecasts of earthquakes, the seismological community needs to develop confidence in the...