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Ballouard, Christophe; Elburg, Marlina A.; Harlov, D. E.; Tappe, Sebastian ...
The Bushmanland Subprovince of the Mesoproterozoic Namaqua-Natal orogenic belt in southern Africa hosts numerous occurrences of monazite-magnetite (b...
Ji, Lei; Liu, Fulai; Harlov, D. E.; Wang, Fang
Monazite and magnetite are sensitive indicators of local fluid chemistry, pressure, and temperature during metasomatism. In this study, the role of f...
Li, Xiao-Chun; Harlov, D. E.; Zhou, Mei-Fu; Hu, Hao
In order to understand the effect of fluid-induced alteration on the Sm-Nd isotope systematic in apatite, a series of fluid/apatite reaction experime...
Anderson, Leif S.; Armstrong, William H.; Anderson, Robert S.; Scherler, Dirk ...
The cause of debris-covered glacier thinning remains controversial. One hypothesis asserts that melt hotspots (ice cliffs, ponds, or thin debris) inc...