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Becken, M.; Pedersen, L. B.
The method presented here is a direct transformation of magnetic transfer functions into apparent resistivities and phases . The derivation is an ex...
Hördt, Andreas; Stoll, Johannes B.
Mit diesem Kolloquiumsband fügen wir ein weiteres Exemplar in die schon fast "legendäre" Reihe der sogenannten "Blauen Bände" hinzu. Er enthält die...
Brack, A.; Männel, B.; Wickert, J.; Schuh, H.
GNSS networks with multi-frequency data can be used to monitor the activity of the Earth’s ionosphere and to generate global maps of the vertical tot...
Gholamrezaie, Ershad; Cotton, Fabrice; Strecker, Manfred; Götze, Hans-Jürgen
Rheology describes the flow of matter under the influence of stress, and - related to solids- it investigates how solids subjected to stresses deform...