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Oliva, Sarah Jaye; Ebinger, Cynthia J.; Rivalta, E.; Williams, Charles A. ...
In rift settings, the crustal stress field is dominated by extension, which leads to rift-parallel topography and basin alignments. However in some c...
Woollam, Jack; Münchmeyer, J.; Tilmann, Frederik; Rietbrock, Andreas ...
Machine-learning (ML) methods have seen widespread adoption in seismology in recent years. The ability of these techniques to efficiently infer the s...
Trabattoni, A.; Festa, G.; Longo, R.; Bernard, P. ...
This paper reports the first results obtained thanks to the installation of a dedicated one-km fiber-optic cable, integrated within the Irpinia Near ...
Zhou , Gordon G. D.; Lu , Xueqiang; Xie , Yunxu; Cui , Kahlil F. E. ...
Overtopping flows in landslide dams erode and entrain materials on the dam surface resulting in erosional features that undermine the dam stability a...