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Araza, Arnan B.; Castillo, Gem B.; Buduan, Eric D.; Hein, Lars ...
Like many other tropical countries, the Philippines has suffered from decades of deforestation and forest degradation during and even after the loggi...
Salomón, Roberto L.; Peters, Richard L.; Zweifel, Roman; Sass-Klaassen, Ute G. W. ...
Heatwaves exert disproportionately strong and sometimes irreversible impacts on forest ecosystems. These impacts remain poorly understood at the tre...
Rooney, Alan D.; Macdonald, Francis A.; Strauss, Justin V.; Dudás, Francis Ö. ...
After nearly a billion years with no evidence for glaciation, ice advanced to equatorial latitudes at least twice between 717 and 635 Mya. Although t...
Aponte, José C.; Tarozo, Rafael; Alexandre, Marcelo R.; Alexander, Conel M.O’D. ...
The origin of homochirality and its role in the development of life on Earth are among the most intriguing questions in science. It has been suggeste...