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Caudron, Corentin; Miao, Yaolin; Spica, Zack J.; Wollin, Christopher ...
Jaron, F.; Martí‐Vidal, I.; Schartner, M.; González‐García, J. ...
Radio telescopes with dual linearly polarized feeds regularly participate in Very Long Baseline Interferometry. One example is the VLBI Global Observ...
Kareinen, Niko; Zubko, Nataliya; Savolainen, Tuomas; Xu, M. ...
An ideal target for geodetic very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) is a strong and point-like radio source. In reality, most celestial sources us...
Song, Shiwei; Mao, Jingwen; Romer, R. L.; Jian, Wei ...
Tin (Sn) and tungsten (W) behave incompatibly in reduced magmatic systems and may become enriched in late highly-evolved melts. Nonetheless, Sn and W...