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Eis, Christine; Schmitz, Bernhard; Büskens, Christof
Sea ice retreat as a consequence of climate change leads to increasing shipping activities within polar waters, as newly opened shipping routes can b...
Surendran, Sruthi; Jaiswal, Deepak
Climate, hydrology, and plant processes are three factors that are intrinsically linked to one another. Integration of dynamic vegetation and canopy ...
Lagudu, Surinaidu; Mogali, J. Nandan
Nagavali is one of the important east flowing river basins, providing a water source for more than 5 million people for various applications in two s...
Spang, Reinhold; Müller, Rolf; Rap, Alexandru
Cirrus clouds play an important role in the radiation budget of the Earth. Despite recent progress in remote sensing observations of cirrus in genera...