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Zhang, Lu; Jiang, Shao-Yong; Romer, R. L.; Zhang, Hao-Xiang ...
The Mufushan area, which has abundant rare-metal pegmatites within and around the Mufushan Granite Complex, has become a major target for Ta-Nb-(Li-...
Ziegler, M.; Heidbach, O.
Wang, Dan; Romer, R. L.; Liu, Fulai; Glodny, J.
Subduction zones are critical sites for recycling of Li and B into the mantle. The way of redistribution of Li and B and their isotopes in subduction...
Soder, Christian G.; Dunga, Jerry; Romer, R. L.
Continental subduction is the major cause of regional heterogeneities in the lithospheric mantle and contrasting types of magmatism and mineralizatio...