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Lee, Robert G.; Byrne, Kevin; D’Angelo, Michael; Hart, Craig J.R. ...
The Late Triassic Guichon Creek batholith is a large (~ 1800 km2), composite, zoned batholith that hosts several large porphyry Cu-Mo deposits of the...
Tang, Wei; Zhao, Xiangjun; Motagh, M.; Bi, Gang ...
The freshwater scarcity and sustainability of overexploited aquifers have been recognized as a big threat to global water security for human developm...
Schröter, Kai; Barendrecht, Marlies; Bertola, Miriam; Ciullo, Alessio ...
Fluvial flood risk systems are characterized by complex interactions and feedbacks as well as subject to changes of hazard, exposure and vulnerabilit...
Gao, Yajian; Yuan, X.; Heit, B.; Tilmann, Frederik ...
A new seismic model for crust and upper mantle of the south Central Andes is derived from full waveform inversion, covering the Pampean flat subducti...