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Libera, Stephy; Hobbs, Will; Meyer, Amelie; Matear, Richard ...
Understanding the drivers and physical processes influencing Antarctic sea ice and being able to predict Antarctic sea ice is crucial for improving o...
Zhang, Qing-He; Zhang, Yong-Liang; Wang, Chi; Oksavik, Kjellmar ...
During the periods of strong northward interplanetary magnetic field (IMF), the polar cap (normally no aurora) often appears clear auroral structures...
She, dunxian; Xia, Jun
Compound drought and heatwave (CDHW) events have received considerable attention in recent years due to their devastating effects on human society an...
Chen, Sheng; Chen, Jiepeng; He, Zhuoqi; Wang, Xin ...
Previous literature has indicated that a spring cold sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly in the North Tropical Atlantic (NTA) could ...