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Martirosyan, N.; Efthimiopoulos, I.; Jahn, Sandro; Lobanov, Sergey ...
In this study, we investigated four different ferroan dolomite samples using in situ Raman spectroscopy and powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) at high pr...
Lagarde, Sophie; Dietze, Michael; Hammer, Conny; Zeckra, Martin ...
Gravitational mass wasting prediction requires understanding of the factors controlling failure. Prior to slope failure, cracks in the weakened rock ...
Cui, Bobin; Jiang, Xinyuan; Wang, Jungang; Li, Pan ...
Introducing precise atmosphere information into precise point positioning enables rapid ambiguity resolution and introduces a significant accuracy im...
Robles, Mary; Peyron, Odile; Ménot, Guillemette; Brugiapaglia, Elisabetta ...
The Late Glacial (14 700–11 700 cal BP) is a key climate period marked by rapid but contrasted changes in the Northern Hemisphere. Indeed, regional c...