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Singh, Mrityunjay; Mahmoodpour, Saeed; Ershadnia, Reza; Soltanian, Mohamad Reza ...
Energy extraction from the deep subsurface requires engineering using a working fluid circulation in well doublet. This study developed a field-scale...
Gonzalez Garcia, H
Nowadays, humanity is facing a significant challenge due to climate change. Therefore, the pressure to use sustainable ways to solve the current nece...
Forster, Florian; Güntner, A.; Hinderer, Jacques ; Diament, Michel
In my doctoral thesis, I examine continuous gravity measurements for monitoring of the geothermal site at Þeistareykir in North Iceland. With the hel...
Isken, Marius Paul; Heimann, Sebastian; Dahm, T.; Kraft, Toni ...
The interactive web page contains supplementary information to Acoustic signals of a meteoroid recorded on a large-N seismic network and fibre optic ...