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DEKORP Research Group (C); Heinrichs, T.; Giese, P.; Bankwitz, P. ...
Below Permo-Mesozoic cover reflection seismics revealed crocodile pattern and dipping reflector-band geometries in the Upper Crust of the Rhenohercyn...
DEKORP Research Group(B); Behr, H.-J.; Dürbaum, H.-J.; Bankwitz, P. ...
The eastern part of MVE-90 discussed in this issue extends across the largest continuous Hercynian basement exposure in Germany, between the Franconi...
DEKORP Research Group (A); Dürbaum, H.-J.; Schmoll, J.; Dohr, G. ...
DEKORP 3-B has been conceived in the early stage of DEKORP as one of three nearly parallel seismic profiles crossing the Rhenohercynian and the Saxot...
Montenegro, Teresita; Wul, Julieta; de Luchi, Mónica López; Ribacki, Enrico ...
We report chemical and B-isotope analyses of tourmaline from Ordovician S-type granites, an aplite, LCT-type (lithium-cesium-tantalum) pegmatites, an...