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Musso, Alessandra; Tikhomirov, Dmitry; Plötze, Michael L.; Greinwald, Konrad ...
Soil development and erosion are important and opposing processes in the evolution of high-mountainous landscapes, though their dynamics are not full...
Veigel, Nadja; Kreibich, H.; Cominola, Andrea
Annual flood losses in the US currently amount to more than 30 billion US$. A common way for individuals to strengthen household flood resilience is ...
Gonzalez Garcia, H; Francke, H.; Göllner-Völker, L.; Welsch, B. ...
This work presents the estimation of the CO2eq emissions of the geothermal power station in Los Humeros, Mexico. The calculation takes the emissions ...
Francke, H.; Blöcher, G.; Kranz, S.; Saadat, Ali ...