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Passarelli, Luigi; Selvadurai, Paul Antony; Rivalta, E.; Jónsson, Sigurjón
Slow slip events (SSEs) represent a slow faulting process leading to aseismic strain release often accompanied by seismic tremor or earthquake swarms...
Künzel, Alice Christin; Münzel, Sandra; Böttcher, Falk; Spengler, Daniel
Winter wheat is the most important crop in Germany, which is why a three-year field trial (2015–2017) investigated the effects of weather on biometri...
Mandal, Sanjay Kumar; Scherler, Dirk; Wittmann, H.
The evolution of Earth's climate over geological timescales is linked to surface erosion via weathering of silicate minerals and burial of organic ca...
Ezhov, Nikolaj; Neitzel, Frank; Petrovic, S.
In a series of three articles, spline approximation is presented from a geodetic point of view. In part 1, an introduction to spline approximation of...