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Weydt, Leandra M.; Lucci, Federico; Lacinska, Alicja; Scheuvens, Dirk ...
Hydrothermal alteration is a common process in active geothermal systems and can significantly change the physiochemical properties of rocks. To impr...
Weydt, Leandra M.; Bär, Kristian; Sass, Ingo
The Los Humeros Volcanic Complex has been characterized as a suitable target for developing a super-hot geothermal system (> 350 °C). For the interpr...
Bossennec, C.; Frey, M.; Seib, L.; Bär, K. ...
For an accurate multiscale property modelling of fractured crystalline geothermal reservoirs, an enhanced characterisation of the geometrical feature...
Schulz, K. E.; Bär, K.; Sass, Ingo
A hydrothermal doublet system was drilled in a fault-related granitic reservoir in Cornwall. It targets the Porthtowan Fault Zone (PTF), which transe...