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Geballe, Zachary M.; Arveson, Sarah M.; Speziale, S.; Jeanloz, Raymond
Brillouin spectroscopy at room temperature and pressures up to 40 GPa documents nearly identical elasticity and refractive index of amorphous CaSiO3 ...
Nikolenko, Anna; Stepanov, Konstantin M.; Roddatis, Vladimir; Veksler, Ilya
Bastnäsite [REE(CO3)F] is the main mineral of REE ore deposits in carbonatites. Synthetic bastnäsite-like compounds were precipitated from aqueous so...
Glaser, S.; König, R.; Raut, Shrishail; Schreiner, Patrick Alexander ...
Obermann, Anne; Sánchez-Pastor, Pilar; Wu, Sin-Mei; Wollin, Christopher ...
From June to August 2021, we deployed a dense seismic nodal network across the Hengill geothermal area in southwest Iceland to image and characterize...