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Lu, Biao; van der Meijde, Mark; Fadel, Islam; Carlos Afonso, Juan ...
Despite 160 years of probing the world crust, due to lack of seismic and ground gravity observations, there are still white spots in the worlds' crus...
Masumoto, Yukio
Most of discussions on the seasonal evolution and its interannual variability of the Java upwelling system are based on the surface variables observe...
Igel, Jonas; Bowden, Daniel; Fichtner, Andreas
With amplitude and full-waveform based ambient noise tomography and monitoring methods on the horizon, knowledge of the underlying noise source distr...
Qi, Qi; Bin, Wu; Ying, Ma; Lyuwen, Chen ...
Using high-speed video cameras operating with framing rates of 20 and 50 kiloframes per second, we imaged the attachment process in a positive cloud-...