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Ji, Chunyang; Cabas, Ashly; Pilz, M.; Kottke, Albert
Characterizing and quantifying the effects of local soil conditions are essential for site-specific seismic hazard assessment and site response analy...
Ji, Yinlin; Wang, Lei; Hofmann, Hannes; Kwiatek, G. ...
We conducted fluid injection experiments on cylindrical low-permeability granite samples with a critically stressed sawcut fault at local injection r...
Forster, Florian; Güntner, A.; Jousset, P.; Reich, Marvin ...
Continuous high-resolution gravimetry is increasingly used to monitor mass distribution changes in volcanic, hydrothermal or other complex geosystems...
Mahmoodpour, Saeed; Singh, Mrityunjay; Mahyapour, Ramin; Tangirala, Sri Kalyan ...
Porosity and permeability alteration due to the thermo-poro-elastic stress field disturbance from the cold fluid injection is a deciding factor for l...