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Most Recently Released Items

Roger, Marion; de Leeuw, Arjan; van der Beek, Peter; Husson, Laurent ...
The evolution of orogenic wedges can be determined through stratigraphic and thermochronological analysis. We used apatite fission-track (AFT) and ap...
Mroczek, Stefan; Tilmann, Frederik; Pleuger, Jan; Yuan, X. ...
The tectonic structure of the Eastern Alps is heavily debated with successive geophysical studies that are unable to resolve areas of ambiguity (e.g....
Meijer, Niels; Dupont‐Nivet, Guillaume; Licht, Alexis; Roperch, Pierrick ...
The Cenozoic strata of the Xining Basin, NE Tibet, have provided crucial records for understanding the tectonic and palaeo-environmental evolution of...
Bonnelye, A.; Dick, Pierre; Bohnhoff, M.; Cotton, Fabrice ...
The understanding of coupled thermo-hydromechanical behaviour of fault zones or in naturally fractured reservoirs is essential both for fundamental a...