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Feng, Yan; Yijun, Li; Jinyuan, Zhang; Jiaxuan, Zhang
Combine with the ground, aeromagnetic and low altitude CHAMP satellite measurments (~300km), the lithospheric field of Xinjiang and Tibet of China is...
Yue, Chao; Kistler, Lynn; Geoffrey, Reeves
The cold ions, which are generally ‘invisible’ to most instruments, have strong impacts on plasma wave and magnetic reconnection. Under particular si...
Jacobi, Christoph; Kandieva, Kanykei; Arras, Christina
We analyse sporadic E (ES) layer occurrence rates (OR) obtained from ionospheric GPS radio occultation measurements by the FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC constell...
Hopfenblatt, Joaquín; Geyer, Adelina; Aulinas, Meritxell; Polo Sánchez, Antonio ...
Deception Island is the most active volcano in the South Shetland Islands with more than 20 explosive eruptions registered over the past centuries. T...