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Bryant, Seth; Kreibich, H.; Merz, B.
Flood risk models provide important information for disaster planning through estimating flood damage to exposed assets, such as houses. At large sca...
Harlov, D. E.; George, P. M.; Windley, Brian F.; Satish-Kumar , M. ...
Metamorphosed banded iron formation (BIF) in granulite-amphibolite facies, tonalitic orthogneisses from a series of locations in the Kolli Massif of ...
Śliwińska-Bronowicz, Justyna; Kur, Tomasz; Wińska, Małgorzata; Dobslaw, Henryk ...
Predicting Earth Orientation Parameters (EOP) is crucial for precise positioning and navigation both on the Earth’s surface and in space. In recent y...
Kalhori, Aram; Wille, C.; Gottschalk, Pia; Li, Zhan ...
The data provided here is an exemplary dataset for the flux site Zarnekow from one year (2018). The complete dataset that is needed to run the codes ...