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Pandey, Dhananjai; Tiwari, Virendra Mani; Steinberger, B.
The geoid is an equipotential surface that broadly mimics the mean sea level. The difference between the geoid and the reference spheroid at any loca...
Lemot, François; Valla, Pierre G.; van der Beek, Peter; Jagercikova, Marianna ...
The dynamic Neogene evolution of the Western European Alps included exhumation of the external crystalline massifs, thrust propagation to the forelan...
Wang, Hongyan; Xu, Yijie; Kumar, Amit; Knorr, Klaus-Holger ...
Peatlands account for a significant fraction of the global carbon stock. However, the complex interplay of abiotic and biotic factors governing anaer...
Rddad, Larbi; Sosnicka, Marta; Abdelhafid, Essalhi; Kraemer, Dennis ...
This study focuses on the origin of fluorite ore deposits that are associated with the Eocene alkaline igneous suite of the Tamazert complex in the M...