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Notini, Luiza; Latta, Drew E.; Neumann, Anke; Pearce, Carolyn I. ...
Despite substantial experimental evidence for Fe(II)–Fe(III) oxide electron transfer, computational chemistry calculations suggest that oxidation of ...
Culpepper, Johnathan D.; Scherer, Michelle M.; Robinson, Thomas C.; Neumann, Anke ...
Here we revisit whether the common mixed-valent Fe mineral, magnetite, is a viable reductant for the abiotic natural attenuation of perchloroethylene...
Notini, Luiza; Latta, Drew E.; Neumann, Anke; Pearce, Carolyn I. ...
Our understanding of how Fe(II) reacts with Fe(III) oxides has evolved based on evidence for electron transfer at the oxide–water interface and Fe(II...
Entwistle, James; Latta, Drew E.; Scherer, Michelle M.; Neumann, Anke
For decades, there has been evidence that Fe-containing minerals might contribute to abiotic degradation of chlorinated ethene (CE) plumes. Here, we ...