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Staal, Tobias; Reading, Anya M.; Cracknell, Matthew J.; Ebbing, Jörg ...
<!--!introduction!--><b></b><p>The geology of Antarctica is formed from cratons, accreted terranes from multiple supercontinental cycles, and ongoing...
Aimin, Du; Luo, Hao; Ge, Yasong; Zhang, Ying ...
<!--!introduction!--><b></b><p>Two identical high-sensitivity triaxial Rover fluxgate magnetometers (RoMag) are mounted on Zhurong Rover to detect th...
Yamamoto, Kazuhiro; Rubtsov, Aleksandr; Kostarev, Danila; Mager, Pavel ...
<!--!introduction!--><b></b><p>Compressional Pc 5 waves are important for the energy dynamics in the terrestrial inner magnetosphere because they can...
Hwang, Euihong; Cho, Seongheum; Ahn, Jae-Kwang; Park, Sun-Cheon
<!--!introduction!--><b></b><p>In order to identify the phase of seismic waves, deep learning-based phase identification technologies have recently b...