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Behr, Whitney M.; Holt, Adam F.; Becker, Thorsten W.; Faccenna, Claudio
Tectonic plate motions predominantly result from a balance between the potential energy change of the subducting slab and viscous dissipation in the ...
Csillik, Ovidiu; Reiche, Johannes; De Sy, Veronique; Araza, Arnan ...
Spatially explicit monitoring of tropical forest aboveground carbon is an important prerequisite for better targeting and assessing forest conservati...
Hoek van Dijke, Anne J.; Herold, Martin; Mallick, Kaniska; Benedict, Imme ...
Tree restoration is an effective way to store atmospheric carbon and mitigate climate change. However, large-scale tree-cover expansion has long been...
Hurley, Alexander; Peters, Richard L.; Pappas, Christoforos; Steger, David ...
Ecological research, just as all Earth System Sciences, is becoming increasingly data-rich. Tools for processing of “big data” are continuously devel...