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Most Recently Released Items

Babeyko, A. Y.; Lorito, Stefano; Hernandez, Francisco; Lauterjung, J. ...
Tsunamis constitute a significant hazard for European coastal populations, and the impact of tsunami events worldwide can extend well beyond the coas...
Meletti, C.; Marzocchi, W.; D'amico, V.; Lanzano, G. ...
We describe the main structure and outcomes of the new probabilistic seismic hazard model for Italy, MPS19 [Modello di Pericolosità Sismica, 2019]. ...
Akbari, Mahdi; Mirchi, Ali; Roozbahani, Amin; Gafurov, Abror ...
This paper investigates the hydro-climatic reasons behind the desiccation of the Hamun Lakes in the Iran-Afghanistan border. We analyzed changes in t...
Trivedi, Christopher B.; Keuschnig, Christoph; Larose, Catherine; Rissi, Daniel ...
The preservation of nucleic acids for high-throughput sequencing is an ongoing challenge for field scientists. In particular, samples that are low bi...